Handiest Chrome Extensions for Online Gamblers

Unknown to everyone, there are Chrome extensions for online gamblers that one can use. Many players play on the casino operator’s website, not just on mobile apps. It is possible when they play using a browser, in which Chrome is the most popular.

More than 300 million people worldwide are Chrome users. If you are one of them, you can use the browser to your advantage by downloading extensions that can help you with your gambling.

Best Chrome Extensions for Gamblers


Chrome Extensions #1There are several casino operators online. You do not know which will provide you the best experience. There are instances where you may encounter software malfunction or glitch. To support your claim on the presence of these issues, you need to provide evidence. Lightshot is a tool where you can get a fast screenshot. You can use the screenshot as evidence to save your big win from going down the drain because of a glitch or malfunction.


Chrome Extensions If you live in a highly religious household that condemns gambling to death, you probably do not want the other members of your family to see you gamble. You also do not want to make a wrong impression on your in-laws or do not want to be a bad influence on your kids. It is the part where the PanicButton comes to the rescue.

With this handy Chrome extension, you can easily hide all the tabs on your browser in the blink of an eye. Once a child or your mother barges into your room, all you have to do is press that single button, and you can say goodbye to being caught.

Cool Clock

Cool ClockWhen you are gambling, it is easy to forget about time. However, it is not what you want to happen, because after all, you have a life and you are a responsible gambler. That is why a clock is one of the best Chrome extensions for online players because it can remind you to take a break or call it for the day.

Although there is a clock already installed on your computer, unlike the ordinary clock apps, the Cool Clock reminds you about the time on intervals. You can also access it easily on your browser.


CategorizerThe Categorizer is the best extension to use if you love to gamble from one casino operator to another. The Categorizer will organize your favorite sites according to the frequency of your visits. It is also a useful tool to use if you want to remember the weekly bonuses on an online casino.

Awesome New Tab Page

New Tab

This Chrome extension provides you an artistic and fast way to access all your favorite games and casinos. Although it works like a new tab of a browser, it takes this feature to the next level. It allows you to add shortcuts and widgets. You can also organize the sites as you please.

As you can see, technology provides different ways of how to make life easier. It includes the use of Chrome extensions for online gamblers.

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