How to Tell That You Have a Gambling Addiction

Gambling is a fun recreational activity, but gambling addiction is not. According to surveys, You can consider approximately 2 million individuals in the US as gambling addicts. Also, according to the studies, about 20 million people already developed a habit that already interferes with the other areas of their life.

As you can see, once people become addicted to gambling, the world around them slowly crumbles. That is why it is essential to determine beforehand if you have a severe gambling problem.

What Gambling Does to Your Brain

Gambling Addiction

You are probably asking what gambling does to your brain that makes you feel addicted to it. You are asking why doing is extremely enjoyable.

Psychologists believe that having gambling issues is comparable to having drug problems. Sufferers of both kinds of addiction exhibit the same signs that can ruin people around them and their lives. Dr. Charles O’Brien states that it is because of the reward system that a person feels when gambling or taking drugs.

Gambling triggers the release of dopamine, which also happens when taking drugs. This dopamine creates long-term changes to the brain. It is due to the rush feeling caused by dopamine. Vulnerable individuals exhibit difficulty in suppressing their impulses, which causes the effects and signs of gambling addiction.

Signs That You Have a Gambling Addiction

  1. You undergo extreme measures to acquire some money.

Gambling addicts spend all the money they have for gambling even if they run out of resources, or they go beyond their credit limit. Worse, they also undergo extreme measures like asking for loans from a loan shark, selling their organs, or engaging in illegal activities to get some money.

  1. You spend a lot on gambling.

Professional gamblers know how to control their emotions and finances. They gamble the money that they can afford to lose, which is the opposite of what gambling addicts do. Addicts, gamble more than they can and allow their emotions to control their decisions.

  1. Your reason for gambling is not to have fun at all.

Gambling Addiction

Recreational gamblers occasionally play to have fun, which is also almost the opposite of what gambling addicts do. Gambling addicts play to the point that is already interfering with their social life and work. Also, they play to feel the rush and to run away from their issues in life.

  1. You are unstoppable.

Even though you know that you are already exhibiting the signs of having gambling issues, you are unstoppable. You still play and waste all your resources. Quitting is difficult for you.

  1. You believe that you can recover from losses by playing more.

Believing that you can recover from your losses by betting more is the fastest way to lose everything. Yet, gambling addicts think that they can. That is why they are losing more.

If you think you exhibit one of these signs, you should ask for help immediately. As you can see, gambling addiction is a severe problem that can destroy you financially, mentally, physically, and socially.

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