Bounty of the beanstalk


Bounty of the Beanstalk is a casino game with an almost gardening theme. You are a cowboy on a mission to help the townspeople of Horseshoe Village, by embarking on a journey to find a legendary beanstalk. Jack climbs up the beanstalk, encounters a massive giant realm, and finds the treasures (and mystery) within. It’s a fantastic and memorable story and also one which work extremely well in the Slot Machine setup. In this Bounty of the Beanstalk preview, I’ll take a closer look at its basic mechanics and features, revealing exactly what to expect from this exciting game.

Unlike the majority of online slot machines, Bounty Of The Beanstalk operates on “reels” and not “ports”. Each round of play consists of two separate but paired sessions, making up a total of four tiles. Each of these tiles contains a number of possible outcomes – all of which can be paid out for when Jack lands on the correct square. The outcome of each round of play, then, is dependent upon the previous round’s outcome, meaning that the subsequent winning sequence of cards is never the same.

As mentioned above, each round of play is split into two separate sessions, hence the term “reels.” During each session, jack must accumulate beans before moving on to the next, but because each round takes up a considerable amount of time, he may not be able to move on immediately. He can, however, collect enough “beans” to start spinning for real money, earning coins along the way. The amount of real money you can earn will depend on the amount of time you’re able to play, as well as the overall difficulty of the game.