Divine showdown


Divine Showdown is a unique casino game which is a twist on the old classic roulette wheel. In this game, you can rotate your playing cards 6 times instead of the traditional 4. This gives you an opportunity to get more than one spin on your deck, thereby maximizing your chance of hitting a winning combination. If luck permits, you may end up with the ultimate prize in this slot: the jackpot!

To play divine showdown, the first step is to load up the slots and press the red button on the reel you are using. The slot layout is spread on a square black grid with 3 columns and 5 reels, and it also has 20 payout lines. When you trigger the special icons on the slots, you will then have the chance to double your bet, triple your winnings, or even quadruple them. Once triggered, the symbols will rotate around the screen and flash to show the direction of the bonus spin. Each symbol represents a possible winning combination, so you should pay close attention and do your best to get all the symbols while you have time. Once you have used all of the icons, the game will end and you will lose all the money you have won as well.

Playing divine showdown online is extremely easy; it’s a great alternative to traditional slots or even the popular online slot games such as jackpot slot machines. Although it is impossible to win the jackpot in this game, you can still enjoy its exciting bonuses. You can easily earn coins, buy new cards, and even activate bonus twists by combining certain cards. Divine showdown is a casino game that are not suitable for all people, but those who have an eye for visuals and excellent timing should have no problem performing well in this game.