Jacks or better double up


Jacks Or Better Double Up is an exciting new single player online poker game that puts you in the middle of an old-fashioned casino game – but with new twists! In this fast-paced, party-style game, you’re a part of a “betting war” with other players as you try to beat your opponents. The twist? Each time you lose, your opponent in effect “spins” the pot back, giving you one last chance to beat him before it’s gone.

Unlike other variations of the jackpot-style card game, Jacks Or Better Double Up doesn’t have a deck of playing cards. Instead, each player is dealt a hand containing two cards face down (called “suit” in the game). One card in each of your two playing cards is revealed to the other players. If you have the “best” hand – the one with the best combination of ranks, queens, jacks, and nines – your opponent will reveal his card, too. This makes the game much more fun and dynamic, since it’s impossible to know for sure what your opponent is going to do!

A great strategy for playing this version of Jacks Or Better Double Up is to bluff your way to a winning hand, but to do it while using the bluffing trick, so that your opponent never knows exactly how you’re doing it. You can bet low or bet high; you can even bet late (after the big reveal) if you think you have a good hand. There are no sure-fire ways to win at this version of the game, but with some practice and patience you can become a skilled player who can rely on his or her own ability to guess correctly and win.