Myth – Play’nGo

The Myth slot machine is a 10-payline video slot with Norse sagas themes. The game includes reel symbols of the Norse gods, and its soundtrack features drums, bagpipes, and a marching beat. The bonus round features six times the normal prize and can be re-triggered as many as 60 times. The bonus round is the most rewarding, and can award a massive prize when a winning combination is completed with a wild symbol.

One myth about the online slots game is that the house edge favors the casino. This is false because the gambling websites do not “fix” their slots. In fact, they make money even without the fixing. Moreover, the reel spins have no influence on the payout because random number generators do not know whether they were manually spun or automatically. In other words, they are completely random. However, this does not mean that you can’t have fun and make money playing the game.