Vegas strip blackjack gold

Vegas strip blackjack gold – Microgaming

The rules of Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold are fairly simple. The dealer will be dealt 4 decks of 52 cards, with the exception of the jokers. If you don’t have a natural Blackjack, you must build a hand with 21 points, or beat the dealer’s total. Typically, Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold pays out even money for regular wins. However, you can place a larger bet to win more frequently.

The game uses four standard decks of 52 cards, which are shuffled before each game. The dealer has one hole card, and he can peek at the face-up card if it’s an Ace or a ten. Otherwise, the dealer must stand. After he’s dealt an ace, the player automatically stands. Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold follows the same rules as its predecessor. However, it is worth noting that Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold has slightly different rules.

The game has a smooth and realistic feel thanks to the use of Microgaming technology. It is also customizable, with the dealer able to peek at any Aces or 10-value cards. Players can also split, which allows them to increase the odds of winning. The player can also double down on any two cards, or a single card, even after a split. There are also 3 ways to split. If you are lucky enough to hit a pair, then you will win.

When it comes to gameplay, Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold offers an excellent experience. It offers a simple yet satisfying version of classic blackjack. It has all the features of a live blackjack table, and it can be played on a smartphone or tablet. Its graphics are crisp and its playing table is clearly marked. However, it does suffer from an unattractive info menu. If you’re looking for a good blackjack game with clear graphics, Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold may be right for you.