World’s Most Breathtaking Abandoned Casinos

Even though you can consider casinos among the most profitable businesses, different incidents and other variables might cause them to fail, such as these abandoned casinos.

Casino Constanta in Romania

Abandoned Casinos in romania

The Casino Constanta location is strategic, not to mention its architectural beauty designed by Petre Antonescu. It faces the Black Sea, which makes this place an excellent destination for wealthy people to gamble and unwind. Its business started running in the early 1900s.

Yet, due to the massive amount of money needed to keep it running, the administration had no choice but to shut down in 1990.

Although the Casino Constanta is not in the business anymore, this casino remains one of the best tourist destinations in Romania.

Casino di Consonno in Italy

Casino di Consonno in Italy Abandoned Casinos

Count Mario Bagno was a rich man. He had this dream of building his casino empire in the mountainous part of Milan. Although the location seems ridiculous to run a profitable business, the Count was unstoppable. He demolished almost everything to build his dream.

However, his creation did not succeed. He had to move on and leave the project as one of the famous abandoned casinos in the world.

Penthouse Adriatic Casino in Croatia

Abandoned Casinos Penthouse Adriatic Casino in Croatia

Looking back in the 1970s, you would see the Penthouse Adriatic Casino in Malinska, Croatia standing. It was one of the most glorious luxury casinos that catered to the famous and wealthy.

Sadly, the civil war came into the picture, which faltered the grandiosity of this place. Moreover, tons of competitions rose, which caused tourists to visit other sites. The casino management had no choice but to shut it down in the 1990s.

Now, it is nothing but remains.

Abandoned Casinos in the USA: Asbury Park

Like the other casinos in these lists, Asbury Park Casino also used to be one of the grandest casinos in the past. It faces the Atlantic ocean, which makes it also a great tourist destination.

Yet, many competitions appeared. Most of its patrons chose to gamble elsewhere, which is the main reason it had to close down.

Looking at the bright side, the local government makes its re-establishment as one of its projects. It aims to bring back beauty like what the Asbury Park Casino used to be.

Abandoned Casinos in Cambodia: Bokor Palace Hotel

The Bokor Palace Hotel and Casino has used to be a resort, which the French colonizers used to cool themselves in the hot weather of Cambodia. This place had been controversial because of the death of 900 laborers who built the site in 1921.

It was only in 1962 when the owners decided to build a casino.

Yet, it still became one of the abandoned places until 2008. It was only in that year when an announcement of bringing back the hotel to its glorious days becomes a project.

As you can see, even though many casino owners can make a massive profit for running their business, unexpected situations and poor management may cause them to fail. The abandoned casinos are an example.

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